Otherworld Agents: Call of Silence

Tabletop Dynasties Presents Otherworld Agents: Call of Silence

Otherworld Agents roleplaying game

‘Otherworld Agents: Call of Silence’ is a single session live play hosted by Tabletop Dynasties for Sydcon Online 2020.

Date: Saturday 3 October, 3pm

Venue: Tabletop Dynasties Entertainment

Written and hosted by: Herbert Peppard

An iSydcon 2020 Special Event

The game:

378ft of steel and glass, alive, pumping with the souls of countless workers who move like clockwork through these gleaming halls.

Vicker’s Tower opened its doors in 1963, offering prestige offices, riverside views, and every modern convenience for organisations able to afford the premium rates. This technological marvel was truly wondrous to behold, but as time rolled by it became apparent that all was not as it seemed.

A series of disturbing anomalies called for a detailed investigation of Vicker’s Tower. Due to the sensitive nature of agencies housed in this state of the art facility, jurisdiction fell to Interpol, and in turn, to a recently formalised branch of Interpol called Division 9, also known as: Otherworld Agents.

‘Otherworld Agents : Call of Silence’ is a single session live play hosted by Tabletop Dynasties for iSydcon 2020.

This presentation is a self contained story set in 1960s London that documents one of the missions undertaken by Interpol’s Division 9; a branch specialising in the investigation and management of paranormal threats.

The ‘Otherworld Agents’ setting is unique to Tabletop Dynasties and is currently driven by Call of Cthulhu 7th edition and Chaosium’s Basic Role Playing system.

This game is written and hosted by : Herbert Peppard.






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