Possum or Were-Possum at SYDCON 2017?

Update from Grant:

One of the stranger things that occurred during the convention was someone came to the Registration Desk. They were VERY upset and complained about a possum that had entered a room whilst a game was running and subsequently took a piece of fruit from a garbage bin.

Whilst I appreciate that the person was very angry at the time with… umm… not sure… with the possum?… with me? with the school venue? … with SYDCON 2017? … with the ConOrgs… perhaps with Mother Nature… or indeed all of the above…

Upon investigation of the room where the alleged occurrence took place there was no evidence of a possum… The windows were indeed open on the upper floor and the building was adjacent to a gum tree which was within range of jumping distance potentially of said “gigantic possum”.

As a community service announcement I would like to provide the following:

In general, possums are docile, non-aggressive animals and will not attack you. They prefer to escape and avoid confrontations, if possible. If not, the threatened possum may “play ‘possum”, show its teeth, or bite in self-defense, as any animal would.

The SRGA maintains $20m of public liability insurance, which covers attendees if attacked by possums. Of course it also underlines the importance of wearing the silicon wrist bands provided that identifies you as an attendee of our event. The band also contains a special chemical that is designed to ward off possum attacks. The substance has not completed sufficient field trials but the ConOrgs believe that they are 99% effective.

Other noteworthy information that may be handy for future attendees.

The grounds of the venue indeed contain wonderful lush gardens, and have several native and imported tall trees throughout, which may provide possums with the ability to gain access to open windows on upper floors. To reduce future possum incursions we suggest that you close the windows at night if you suspect there may be one skulking around. In addition Possums do not have the ability to open doors… unless they are a were-possum… which is as you must agree is a whole different issue altogether…

Sadly ConOrgs are not Druids and do not possess Control Nature or other character class abilities similar. Unfortunately these are only in the fantasy games we like to play.

In closing as always should a possum again bother you at one of our events, the ConOrgs are more than happy to come to your rescue no matter how “gigantic” the possum is…






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