Retcon gaming convention 25-27 April 2024

Retcon 2024

Join us for a long weekend of gaming over the ANZAC break at Retcon 2024 with the Western Sydney Lodge of the Pathfinder & Starfinder Society of NSW.

The Western Sydney Lodge is holding a 3-day gaming con where you can play some of the older Pathfinder and Starfinder scenarios. Plus some Delta Green!

The Con will be at Castlereagh Conference Centre on Anzac day (25th), Friday (26th) and Saturday (27th April), three sessions each day, for the hard-core players/GMs 😊

Retcon 2024 Accommodation:

The Castlereagh Conference Centre also offers accommodation.  It is Cabin style accommodation, there are five cabins with four bedrooms and two bathrooms each.  Each room has two single beds.  There is one cabin with four bedrooms (one with a double bed), and one accessible bathroom, it also has a ramp, not stairs, leading to it. We have the accommodation for Thursday and Friday nights.

Retcon 2024 Cost:

Cost for the convention is:

  • Con fee and no accommodation: $25 daily, or $50 for the whole three days per person
  • Con fee and accommodation for single person in a room: $200 per person
  • Con fee and shared accommodation (you organise the sharing): $170 per person

For more information and to book in to games, check out Retcon 2024 on Warhorn.






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