Relics RPG

Relics: By Demons Driven

Dantalion, a Lord of Hell, waged war on humanity for ten thousand years, but before any angel could bring him to justice for his crimes, he fled back to the safety of Hell – or did he? And what significance does this mortal woman play in those events? Five angels with a score to settle get a clue they can’t ignore about a debt they can never forget and an enemy they must revisit.

Relics is a unique storygame, where players take on the role of fallen angels, trapped on Earth, abandoned by God, and desperately seeking answers.  It launched on Kickstarter on April 10th. You can read more, and join the mailing list to read the full rules, here: Tin Star Games.

You can register for By Demons Driven and other games on the Eyecon website.



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